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About Us & Locations

Why Choose Adley’s as Your Elite Service Provider?

Over 40 Years Of Towing

Adley Auto Sales & Service has been in business for over forty years since it was established in 1978. In that time, we have been providing the finest towing, auto repair services, and quality used car sales to the western Maine area. Along with this, we pride ourselves on strengthening our relationships with our customers by delivering consistent and transparent customer service to educate and put our clients' minds at ease.

Multiple Locations

We have two locations! For towing and excellent used automobiles, visit our full-service repair shop at 486 Prospect Ave., Rumford, ME 04276. Our newest secondary towing facility is located in Bethel, Maine.

family-owned towing and recovery

We are a family-owned towing and recovery service that values our Rumford community. By being dedicated service workers, we extended our hours to 24 hours, 7 days a week to be on call in case a member of our community requires roadside assistance. We understand accidents can happen at any time of night, and we strive to improve our quality of performance. Along with being an affordable and reliable company, we are also the primary AAA and Allstate providers, which expands our range of services at a low cost to you.

Have any Questions? Call Now.

If you are looking for a flexible and top-notch towing and recovery company to give you the auto repairs that you’ve been looking for, just call to let us know and we will be happy to pick you up.